This music invites me into a focused flow state somewhere between meditation and inspired action.”

— Sarah Hummel, Big Island, Hawai'i

Mahalo for all of the decadent goodness that you embody, manifest and share with this world. My heart and soul are nourished profoundly every time I hear you play.”

— Elin Kalaniopio

Markus Mars | Layers and layers | Multi-instrumental sounds | That meld together | Merging into a cosmic vibration.”

— Denel-KK, Hilo, Hawai'i

Markus Mars is one of the most creative musicians I’ve had the pleasure to connect with. He is a master of his craft and humbly yet powerfully becomes a vessel for the divine while in the flow state, creating music and soundscapes that take you on a healing and at times dancing journey.”

— Julian Borrego, Los Angeles, California

Markus Mars creates vivid layers of psychedelic sound that weave together the eerie and the evocative. Prepare to be moved and perhaps even transformed by this full sensory experience far beyond mere beautiful music.”

— Lee Culverwell, Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i

Markus Mars is in a way a warm-hearted trans-human Buddha android, in that he is extending his exquisite fountain of rhythms and melodies through the electronic instruments and live-looping machines. His performance is the bringing of the astral, etheric, hidden song (that already exists) into a form that we can interact with and reflect upon for our collective growth and healing.”

— Yoav Melamed, Big Island, Hawai'i

His music is a journey through time and space. Ethereal, spacial melodies accompanied by multi-toned electric violin. The scenery changes from one song to the next, gripping me with an experience that keeps me glued to my seat and wondering what’s next.”

— Rachel Scott, Kamuela, Hawai'i

A magical evening of sounds, rhythms, and melodies that soothed my soul and awakened my senses, Markus Mars is an inspired musician and performer.”

— David Lee, Seattle, Washington

When I first listened to Markus’s music I was reluctant to this new style I wasn’t used to. I allowed myself to dive in and went into a deep meditation allowing him and his sounds to transform me from within. I went deeper and deeper into my emotional body and felt like I was on a different planet.”

— Marie Diaz, Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i

Markus Mars’s music takes me to a different level, a different planet, a different mindset. A place of color, beauty, and enchantment!”

— Martin Sanchez, Waikoloa, Hawai'i

Markus is an amazingly talented and creative musician who never falls short of impressing his audience. He is very multi-faceted and a natural on stage.”

— Radina Veliova, Los Angeles, California