Audible Peace: The Choice of Saving the Planet

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Bodhi Tree Dharma Center, 654A N Judd St, Honolulu

Planet Earth is hurting. We are hurting. Let's reflect on better-informed choices in our day-to-day lives to support the healing of our planet, our global and local community, and ourselves. Admission: This event is freely accessible to anyone who struggles financially. If you want to attend and the ticket price exceeds your budget, please get in touch with me at https://markusmars.com/contact, and I will add you to the guest list—no questions asked. This event is included in my Patreon Ceremonial Grade tier. Join me on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/markusmars. General admission: $20.

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Audible Peace: The Choice of Saving the Planet

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