Mindfulness has been cut loose from moral moorings. Without a principled anchor, it is a renegade technology that helps people rationalize unethical conduct.”

— Ron Purser

Audible Peace

Creating fairness through awareness

Experience the transformative power of Audible Peace, a unique sound-guided meditation practice that transcends the superficial, guiding you on a profound journey into the depths of interconnectedness and genuine understanding. In a world obsessed with quick fixes, our ceremonies offer a sanctuary for deep reflection, inviting you to explore the intricate complexities of life and embrace a more authentic existence. Through immersive soundscapes and collective introspection, Audible Peace fosters fairness through awareness, encouraging personal growth and a deeper appreciation of our shared reality. Join us in redefining well-being as we embark on a path of mindfulness and mutual respect, building towards a thoughtful, sustainable future.

The Philosophy

A Foundation For Deep Listening

Audible Peace is a sound-guided awareness meditation. In our quest for simplicity, we often overlook the intricate complexities of life. Audible Peace is an invitation to embrace these complexities, fostering a deeper understanding and genuine respect for our shared experiences. We live in a world where the allure of easy answers often overshadows the truth, leading to disconnection and indifference. Our ceremonies seek to bridge this gap, encouraging an honest reflection on the present moment in our world and the foundations we lay for our future.

We aspire to feel well, heard, happy, and respected. However, the foundation of feeling is being. This subtle shift from a desire for mere perception to a quest for authentic reality opens up a path to truly be well, heard, happy, and respected, which can only be achieved once we understand that we are interconnected and strongly depend on one another, not just among humans but among all Earthlings. As much as we shy away from the fact that nothing is permanent, it can be very uplifting to find out how our daily actions, conversations, and the act of respectfully holding each other accountable contribute to complex, international problem-solving.

This interdependency can get mixed up with codependency in our modern-day age of individualism. The tale of absolute independence seems inevitable in a capitalistic worldview. However, while it is important not to become dependent on those who exploit us, we must understand the nature of interbeing and how we interdepend on our choices and actions.

Imagine constructing a house with a skewed foundation. A passerby’s superficial praise, like “Lookin’ good, buddy,” may offer temporary emotional comfort, but it cannot change the reality of an unstable structure. While you might feel validated in the moment, the truth remains that your house, built on shaky ground, is bound to face challenges. The passerby might have a useful tip for improvement but wants to avoid coming across as a know-it-all. The outdated idea of “I do me" and "you do you” seems all too omnipresent. However, remaining open-minded to providing and receiving truthful outside perspectives or, at times, constructive criticism is vital. It helps us avoid the pitfalls of tunnel vision, allowing us to collectively improve and build upon a more solid, shared reality.

Loving kindness and curiosity

Many mindfulness and dharma talks rightfully address the issues in the world but sometimes avoid stretching the importance of accountability among our immediate peers. Awareness of issues and addressing them with people throughout our day-to-day lives are equally important. Relearning to provide and receive constructive feedback and discussing opposing viewpoints mindfully yet frankly without quickly throwing everything into the judgment bin is a key element in how we grow into a global community fit for current and future complex problem-solving.

Insight into shared reality

Audible Peace Meditation Ceremonies encourage looking beyond the surface and engaging with the truth in its raw form. This approach is not about fostering discomfort but looking deeply at our shared reality to co-create a solid foundation by building a more authentic, stable, and equitable world. Embracing the slight discomfort of expanding the mind is like embracing the slight discomfort when learning a new yoga pose, stretching sore muscles, working out, or learning a new skill.

Asking questions and being asked often triggers suspicion and judgment instead of curiosity. Today's hyperindividualism and the growing McMindfulness movement often distort our perception, teaching us to be individually okay with the status quo, even though the discomfort is often rooted in complex economic and societal circumstances. While it is important to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us, it is equally important to participate in cultivating fairness through awareness beyond the individual.

Audible Peace Meditations Ceremonies offer an alternative way of looking at discomfort, replacing it with curiosity. Our ceremonies are not an escape into personalized alternate realities but a shared journey of discovery, reflection, and transformation.

The MeditatioN

Each Audible Peace Meditation Ceremony begins by reading randomly picked anonymous Applied Mindfulness survey submissions. Unspoken truths and hidden thoughts are brought to light in a safe, non-judgmental space. By vocalizing concealed concerns, we set the tone for introspection and collective understanding.

Following this, a period of silent reflection allows these thoughts to resonate, creating a canvas for the upcoming auditory experience. As the gentle sounds fill the space, participants are invited to reflect on the insight in a way that feels right for them, either in sitting, lying down, or walking meditation, depending on the space in which the ceremony is held.

This musical journey is an immersive, wordless, sound-guided meditation that mirrors the complexities of our world, inviting participants to reflect on the subtleties of our daily interactions and the broader implications of our choices. The harmonies and rhythms are reflections of the ebb and flow of our shared existence, guiding us toward true mindfulness and authenticity in our conversations and connections.

During our Audible Peace Meditation Ceremonies, we embrace curiosity to co-create an environment of fairness through awareness, not just for the present moment but as a commitment to a more thoughtful, sustainable future.

The Survey