Life and everything it comes with is nothing short of fascination. Sometimes, life is just beautiful, and sometimes it simply isn't. As soon as I close my eyes and create the first sound out of thin air, the journey begins. Paths unfold. I invite you to explore and nourish your awareness.”

— Markus Mars

Audible Peace

Minimalism in Love Major

I am an electric violinist, live looping artist, and writer, composing symphonies in Love major on a 5-string electric violin.

Live and unscripted, Zen-sational minimalism unfolds in the present moment with its ups and downs, yin and yang, light and shadow. No pre-recorded tracks or pre-written music.

Each sound, each note—an invitation to Audible Peace.

Beyond the music, worlds of stories, reflections, and poems inspire my sonic creations—an interdimensional journey exploring the origins, influences, and encounters that shape my work.


Audible Peace Meditation Ceremony (APMC)

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Bodhi Tree Dharma Center, 654A N Judd St, Honolulu

Experience the transformative power of Audible Peace, a unique sound-guided meditation practice that transcends the superficial, guiding you on a profound journey into the depths of interconnectedness and genuine understanding. Please read about the practice before attending here:

All my events are freely accessible to anyone who struggles financially. RSVP by clicking the "YOUR PRICE" button below to secure your spot. Donations are encouraged but optional. If you would like to RSVP only, please enter 0.

Donations are vital to my mission of keeping my work universally accessible. Your donation helps cover expenses such as instrument upkeep, website maintenance, transportation, space rent, and promotion. Regardless of the amount, your contribution represents a commitment to a world where independent, mindful art reaches everyone, transcending financial barriers.

Suggested donation: $20-$24. Donations are accepted during RSVP, at the event (Venmo or cash), or anytime on our website:

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Audible Peace Meditation Ceremony (APMC)

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Mahalo for all of the decadent goodness that you embody, manifest, and share with this world. My heart and soul are nourished profoundly every time I hear you play.”

— Elin, Hawai'i

New Live Album

Audible Peace: Puako Beach

Markus Mars

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Audible Peace: Puako Beach

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Listen to the healing waves at Puako Beach as the nourishing sounds unfold.

Words beyond words. Thoughts beyond thoughts. Space beyond space. Love beyond love. Peace beyond peace.

Inhaling. Exhaling.

Learning to be at peace with the tides of despair without drifting to either side, neither into apathy nor madness.

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    Healing Waves

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    Nourishing Waves

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