A good society treasures its dissidents and mavericks because it needs the creative thinking that produces new hypotheses, expanded means, a larger set of alternatives, and, in general, the vigorous conversation induced by fresh ideas.”

— Nel Noddings, Philosophy of Education, 1995


Impermanence is my constant companion and teacher.


Markus Mars (they/them) is an electric violinist, live looping artist, and founder of Audible Peace Ceremonies. Their genres can best be described as minimalism, ambient, and world fusion.

Originating from the picturesque Austrian Alps, Markus embarked on their musical journey in the 1980s, starting with classical violin training that evolved into a diverse exploration of jazz, rock, blues, and world fusion. At age 12, they began composing for and conducting chamber and symphonic orchestras, infusing electronic music elements into traditional ensembles.

In the early 2000s, Markus fused their love for electronic music with the mastery of the electric violin and electronic drums, creating a distinctive style characterized by percussive beats generated on the violin's body. As part of the award-winning progressive rock IDM duo Fatmagic, they achieved notable success in the 2010s, releasing multiple albums, gaining recognition on international charts, and touring internationally.



No pre-recorded music. No pre-composed music. Everything happens in the moment.


In 2015, after enriching their artistry by performing in over 30 countries and collaborating with numerous bands, DJs, and orchestras, Markus found a new home in the volcanic landscapes of Hawai'i Island.

Under the alter ego, Son of Mars (the Greek definition of the name Markus), they explored DJing and produced their debut IDM album, "Interdimensional," blending electronic world music with synthesizers and live instruments. This vibrant musical journey showcased symphonic elements interwoven within a warm synthetic soundscape, accompanied by bass-heavy beats and the unique addition of a telescopic didgeridoo and a 5-string electric violin.

In 2018, Markus transformed their approach to music creation, eschewing pre-composed pieces and embracing live improvisation in the genre of Minimalism. Crafting intricate effects chains, they began composing entire concerts - psychedelic symphonies - from scratch, recording and mixing them in real-time with an audience present. Esteemed artists like Adham Shaikh, Jean-Luc Ponty, Steve Reich, Pauline Anna Tuell Strom, Darol Anger, and Andrew Bird influenced this evolution.

After moving to Hawai'i and exploring a lifelong devotion to music and the unknown or undefined, Markus made a profound discovery. "Markus," meaning "dedicated to or son of Mars," resonated deeply with their musical essence of the deconstruction of the status quo to make room for new paths of creation. Drawing inspiration from Hawaiian mythology and their connection to Buddhism, Markus realized that the Hawaiian god Kū held the equivalent role to Mars, and, interestingly, "ku" also signifies emptiness in Buddhism. Reflecting on this revelation, they embraced the essence of their artistic identity of pushing the boundaries of spirituality while staying rooted in rationality — and vice versa - and Markus Mars was born.

Embodying a non-binary perspective within the artistic expression, each performance by Markus Mars is a one-of-a-kind auditory masterpiece, a live composition influenced by their metamorphic musical journey and shaped by the vibrations of the present moment, inviting listeners to indulge in a sonic superfood crafted with care and passion.



Markus Mars dedicates their audible artwork to co-creating fairness through awareness by thinking things through for a more sustainable present moment and livable future.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Markus started offering sound-guided meditations called Audible Peace, fostering a harmonious world and delving deep into the wisdom of nature, spirituality, kindness, mindfulness, and gratitude, crafting an open space for deep listening, curiosity, and complex problem-solving. Audible Peace meditations offer an alternative way of looking at discomfort, replacing it with curiosity and avoiding an escape into personalized alternate realities but fostering a shared journey of discovery, reflection, and transformation.

Continuing to create Zen-sational live-looping performances and eclectic sound designs that resonate with audiences worldwide, Markus Mars breaks barriers not only from a gender perspective but also within the non-binary environment we call shared reality.

Beyond the music, there is a world of stories, encounters, and reflections that inspire such sonic creations. Dive into the depths of an interdimensional journey and explore the origins that shape the work of Markus Mars on Substack, Medium, and Patreon.