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by Markus Mars

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Sarah Hummel
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Sarah Hummel I am so grateful for Markus' ability to transmit these frequencies through my auditory canals and straight into my heart. When I listen in the morning, his music helps me greet the day with harmonious enthusiasm, and in the evening it helps me slow down and feel peaceful enough to deeply rest. What a gift!
Empty Walls 07:25
Handshakes 09:14



Now, my third album, Exhibitions, was composed, recorded, and mixed in a live audience setting during an art exhibition in Captain Cook, Hawaii. I recorded the entire concert directly out of my loop station. Inspired by the magical area just south of Kailua-Kona, I let the moment carry me towards a deep reconnection with the history of Hawai'i around the time of its first contact with Westerners in 1778 in Kealakekua Bay. I let the exhibition visitors' interactions guide me from room to room, imagined the empty walls without any of the stunning artwork, and created an audible journey from the grand opening to those final handshakes.


released May 5, 2020


All Instruments: Markus Mars
Recording, Mixing, and Mastering: Markus Mars
Artwork: Markus Mars
Venue: Gypsea Gelato, Kealakekua, Hawaii
Endorsement: NS Design
Photo Credit: Laura Avis


Markus Fahrenberger started his Earthian journey in the Austrian Alps. After being trained in classical music, composing for and touring with several symphonic and chamber Orchestras, he started playing the drums and electric violin in various rock, blues, and world fusion jam bands. Soon, Fahrenberger discovered his love for electronic music and began producing, performing, and touring internationally under his alter ego, Madmax Fiddler. He developed an iconic performance style by drumming his bow on the violin's back during extensive solo parts, applying delays and other effects to create percussive beats with the string instrument's body.

In 2008, Madmax formed the progressive rock EDM duo Fatmagic (www.fatmagicmusic.com) with Radina Veliova. The band released three albums, music videos, and EPs, collaborating with Grammy winners Evren Göknar and Warren Huart. Fatmagic won multiple awards and made it onto various Top 100 charts in various countries.

After sharing his talent in 30 countries with more than 60 bands and orchestras and playing over 3,000 shows, plant-based food enthusiast Madmax found a volcanic foundation for his new endeavor on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

During a one-year deep inner soul work period in the jungle, the alter ego Son of Mars was born. After DJing Ecstatic Dance rituals and getting inspired by the island life, he released his debut album Interdimensional in 2017 under the Australian music label Merkaba Music. In this musical offering, electronic world music meets synthesizers and live instruments. The album is a colorful journey through his entire musical career and carries symphonic orchestra parts embedded in a lush, warm synthetic soundscape combined with bass-heavy beats. The Son of Mars incorporated a telescopic didgeridoo, a white 5-string NS Design electric violin, and various electric percussion instruments into his DJ sets.

And then, Fahrenberger flipped his musical career upside down. Instead of picking a pre-composed piece of music or composing a song, practicing it, and performing it on stage, he decided to create everything from scratch. In 2018, he started carefully crafting sophisticated effects chains in his studio, allowing him to compose, mix, and record entire concerts from scratch in a live audience setting.

No pre-composed music.
No pre-recorded music.
Markus Mars was born.

Heavily influenced by inspiring artists such as Jean-Luc Ponty, Andrew Bird, Steve Reich, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Miles Davis, each performance is a unique piece of audible artwork, which he sometimes later releases as an album. Mars invites the audience to partake in a unique experience, molded from present vibrations and elements of his metamorphic musical journey, transformed into an audible superfood for everyone to enjoy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mars deepened his lifelong connection with Buddhism, guiding him on his new path, Audible Peace™, a series of meditative live streaming sound baths and sound-guided meditations for world peace: www.audiblepeace.com.


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Markus Mars Hawaii

I create psychedelic symphonies out of thin air on a 5-string electric violin in a live audience setting without using pre-recorded or pre-composed music.

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